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Grade A Wholesale Used Clothing

Starting at: $0.75

Used Apparel (Men's, Women's, Children's), Pants, Tops, Shirts, Jeans, Jackets, Dresses and more. Direct from our Used Clothing Factory in Florida !!!
Choose the Grade and Variety that you like !!!
A huge mixture of Women's, Men's and Kid's Apparel.
100 or 1,000 lb. bails. - Excellent for Export !!!

We are pleased that we have the ability to provide our customers with consistent and quality graded clothing.  With close attention to details, we have strict grading criteria and an extensive internal quality assurance department, that allow us to deliver a wide range of quality levels to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. This includes everything from premium, near new, brand-name clothing to textiles used for recycling.

 We carry over 100 different products in our product lines; so we're certain that we will most likely have what you're seeking.  Our grading system is quite simple; but thorough. We divide the clothing into departments for Men, Women, and Children. Once separated, we then make both single-item grades as well as mixed item grades.

Credential Clothing

is the unsorted, untouched donations left in the exact condition and in the original bags that the donator gave the items to the charity or commercial recycling company in. Credential Clothing is also called Original Clothing


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